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'Sharing Passion for Gardens.'


Brief History

The Australian School of Gardening

TASG was founded in 2018 by Southern Highland’s local and passionate garden lover, David Newby, with the twin aims of preserving both the historic arts of the true gardener and the region’s long-established reputation for mature and exquisite gardens.

The birthplace of The School is Oldbury Farm, it’s home is the Southern Highlands.

David was joined in the venture by Ian Carroll, the Head Gardener at Oldbury Farm, and Graham Fletcher, a horticulture and landscape design educator.

The venture became a company and is a registered charity.

Deb Ingrey joined the company as the School Manager in 2019.

TASG began running educational events in 2018 for Head Gardeners, and the School enjoys the support of a local group of owners of substantial gardens.

The first events for Professional Gardeners and Garden Lovers (the public) begin in 2019.

Overall Aims

Education & Preservation

Dedicated to both education and preservation, TASG was conceived as a venture that would enable professional gardeners to develop and enhance their skills, and nurture a new appreciation for the horticultural arts amongst the growing ranks of passionate amateurs, and lovers of both gardens and gardening.

TASG offers a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme for Professional and Head Gardeners to provide recognition of their involvement with TASG education, and to provide a career path for gardeners from new professional gardeners to Head Gardener status.

The School is not competing with anyone and develops its events to complement and reinforce those run by like-minded others - cultivating excellence to create enduring gardens.

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Sharing Passion for Gardens

The three directors of TASG have a passion for beautiful gardens and bring their unique combination of backgrounds and skills to the school.

David Newby | Director
David Newby, former lawyer and businessman in Australia and internationally, is now a beef cattle grazier in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands. David is Chairman of TASG.

Graham Fletcher | Director
Graham Fletcher, a graduate of, and former senior academic at, both Ryde School of Horticulture and the University of New South Wales. A leading educator in the horticultural and landscape design professions in Australia, Graham is the Head of School of TASG.

Ian Carroll | Director
Ian Carroll, a graduate of Ryde School of Horticulture, has three decades of experience in horticulture and gardening and is the Head Gardener at Oldbury Farm. He brings his practical knowledge of gardening and his professional gardening contacts to the school.

Deb Ingrey | School Manager
The three Directors are joined by - Deb Ingrey - a graduate of the University of New England and has a background in administration and management. Deb is also a keen gardener and is passionate about beautiful gardens.