Professional Past Events

Head Gardeners Event

11 December 2018

John Siemon, Head Gardener from The Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan, and
Greg Bourke, Head Gardener from Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Mt Tomah

These highly skilled Head Gardeners explained the management of botanic gardens,
with particular reference to their approaches to gardening in each of these unique
botanic gardens and the complex and varied roles undertaken by Head Gardeners

Jeremy Winer from Weed Technics
Jeremy is the director of Weed Technics and the inventor of the steam weed-removal system.
He explained the science behind using steam for weeding and demonstrated the equipment
and the process of weed-removal without chemicals.

Graham Fletcher - Head of School
Graham explained the latest information about the school. Of particular relevance to Head Gardeners
is the introduction of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, and the events
for Professional Gardeners and the public, both of which are proposed to start next year.